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Discuss the similarities and differences between organisms in the Essay

Discuss the similarities and differences between organisms in the domains Bacteria and Archaea - Essay Example Archaea cell wall does not have a cell membrane and peptidoglycan and utilizes ether-linked lipids compared to an ester-linked lipids used by bacteria (Decker and Hinton, 2013). Archaea flagella developed from type IV pili bacterial while bacterial flagella advanced from type III secretion system. Bacterial flagellum is hollow and appears alike a stalk assembled by subunits that move up freely on the central pore causing a growth on the tip of flagella while, in archaea, flagella subunits grow at the base The reproduction of Archaea is asexual utilizing binary fission process, fragmentation and budding. Bacterial reproduction is asexually through a process binary fission, fragmentation budding, but bacteria show a unique ability by forming spores that enable them remain dormant for many years, characteristics not displayed by Archaea. Growth of bacteria follows three phases, the lag phase where cells adaptation to the environment, log phase where exponential growth happens and stationary phase when depletion of nutrients occur (Szukics, Hackl,and Zechmeister, 2012). Archaea survives in places and environment of extreme and cruel conditions like springs, marshlands, salt lakes, oceans, ruminants gut, and humans. Bacteria are everywhere and found in soil, radioactive waste, hot springs, organic matter, plants and animals bodies. These two microorganisms have a difference in biochemical and genetic ways (Mao, Yannarell, Davis, and Mackie 2013). Szukics, U., Hackl, E., Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S., & Sessitsch, A. (2012). Rapid and dissimilar response of ammonia oxidizing archaea and bacteria to nitrogen and water amendment in two temperate forest soils.  Microbiological research,  167(2), 103-109. Mao, Y., Yannarell, A. C., Davis, S. C., & Mackie, R. I. (2013). Impact of different bioenergy crops on N†cycling bacterial and archaeal communities in soil.  Environmental microbiology,  15(3),

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In the afterlife, will Leonard deserve punishment for the muders he Essay

In the afterlife, will Leonard deserve punishment for the muders he committed in the flim The Momentum - Essay Example For this essay, it means this: the willful, deliberate commission of a morally incorrect act. Also, for purposes of necessary brevity, let us say that Leonard was not morally justified in the homicides that he committed. It is the opinion of this writer that Leonard will not be punished for the killings he engaged in, due to the caveat in the above definition regarding deliberate action. This implies that the person committing the action must 1. Understand the difference between right and wrong; and 2. Voluntarily choose to do wrong anyway. Given this definition, what sort of acts would be excluded from it? First of all, acts that are purely the results of circumstances outside the person’s actions are not â€Å"wrong,† even though they may cause horrible suffering and tragedy. As an example, imagine a motorist driving along a busy commercial street when a child suddenly runs in front of his car and is truck and killed. Let us say that the driver is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that he is within the speed limit and operating his vehicle in a manner consistent with the principles of responsible driving. Let us also assume that he did not see the child until she was in the path of his car, and that he could not brake in time to prevent striking her fatally. Neither did he have time to swerve his car in another direction. Intention to strike the child, no malice in his heart towards her. It was an unfortunate accident in the purest sense of the word. He should not be punished by the courts for his act, nor by God or some other entity that apportions reward and punishment in the afterlife. In a real sense, in fact, it can be argued that he did not â€Å"act† in this scenario at all. The real culprit in the sad affair was the laws of physics. The man had no knowledge of the coming event and hence was unable to act to prevent it.

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Language, Culture And Thought

Language, Culture And Thought ABSTRACT Language is the basic means of communication in every culture. Language expresses cultural reality of the speakers in every society. Language is a socially acquired phenomenon and all the culturally bound languages differ dramatically from one another in terms of the description of the natural world. Language not only embodies cultural reality but it is also viewed as a symbol of social identity This assignment explores different ways in which the world is described by the speakers of different languages due to their cultural diversity and its effect on different ways of thinking about the world. The study reviews the description of spatial terms, temporal terms, substances and objects by different speakers of different languages belonging to different cultures and its effect on the ways of thinking about the world around us. Keywords: language, thought, culture, space, time, objects, substance, linguistic relativity, Whorf, Sapir LANGUAGE, CULTURE AND THOUGHT Language is a complex phenomenon for human communication. In the domain of communication each language of the world is different from the other on both lingual and cultural grounds. This diversity in world languages from linguistic standpoints ranges from the clear distinction of pronunciation and vocabulary to the more complex differences of grammar. The diversity of cultural standpoints related to different languages can be seen in the variety of cultural connotations assigned to these linguistic codes. The representation adopted by different languages to the same sentence such as, the professor delivered the lecture, is different to each culture. In English, the verb delivered marks the past tense. In Indonesian and Mandarin, the verb never changes to mark tense. In Russian, the verb is changed to mark tenses and gender, so if the subject is female instead of male, then a different verb is used from the verb that is used for the male. Similarly, in Russian, the verb is also change d to mark whether the whole lecture was delivered or only part of it was delivered by the professor. In Turkish, the verb even specifies weather the delivery of lecture was witnessed or it was a gossip. It is apparent the speakers of different languages see the different aspects of the world to use their language properly (Gumperz and Levinson: 1996) Do these features of language affect the way their speakers think about the world? The idea that thought is shaped by language is most commonly associated with the works of American linguistics Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf. According to Whorf, the categories of every human language present a way of perceiving, analyzing and acting in the world. The strong view of the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis that thought and actions are completely determined by language has been rejected in the field of linguistics. However, answering a less deterministic weaker version does language affect thought has proven to be a very difficult task for the researchers. In recent times researches have found new evidences which highlight the effects of language on thought. This assignment discusses the effect of language on peoples thinking of space time, substance, and objects. Research Question To what extent are the world views and mental activities of members of a social group shaped by, or dependent on, the language they use? LANGUAGE AND CULTURE The word culture is etymologically derived from the Latin word cultura, which means to cultivate and different philosophers such as Voltaire, Hegel, Humboldt and Kant assign different meaning to it. In antiquity, culture was referred to the opposite of nature, something that is willingly produced by man. (Dahl: 2001) In 18th century, the term was used to describe elite and high-culture concepts in continental Europe. According to Dahl, culture is a collectively held set of attributes, which is dynamic and changing over time. It is the totality of values, beliefs, basic assumptions as well as code of social behavior in a society. Individual are made by culture on one level and culture is made by individuals on the other. (Dahl: 2001) Language is the basic means for communication in a society. Language is primarily related with culture in the domain of communication. Speakers communicate their ideas, feelings and facts with language both in inter and intra societal setups. Hence, we can say that language expresses cultural reality. (Kramsch, 3: 2005) Language is not only a mean of expressing experience but it also creates experience. Speakers give meaning to such an experience through various mediums, such as, mass media, internet, telephonic conversations, presentations, etc. The medium with which language is used also designate meaning to experience, for example, the phonological and supra-segmented phonological features of language. Hence, we can say that language embodies a cultural reality. (Kramsch, 3: 2005) In every society the collective set of social values, beliefs, norms and mores are transmitted from one generation to another by the process of socialization. Hence, culture is a socially acquired knowledge. If we observe language from this standpoint, it is observable that language is also transmitted from one generation to another through the process of socialization. It is, therefore, evident that language is also a socially acquired knowledge. (Horton and Hunt: 2005) Finally, the speakers of one language identify themselves with a particular group through their peculiar way of using language. This characteristic of individuals in a group signify that language is viewed a symbol of social identity. Hence, we can say that language symbolized culture. (Kramsch, 3: 2005) EFFECTS OF LANGUAGE ON THOUGHT Space Languages differ from each other in the description of the setting of space. For example, In English, it is different to put something in which it is contained (the orange in the plate, the letter in envelope) and putting things onto surfaces (the orange on the table, the sticker on refrigerator door). `In Korean, putting an orange in a bowl uses a different term (nehta) from putting a letter in an envelope (kitta). Additionally, putting a letter in envelops and putting sticker on the refrigerator is both expressed by the similar term Kitta because both involves close fitting. McDonough et al. (2000) conducted a research to test whether the linguistic differences between English and Korean speaker affects the representation of spatial relations. He showed scenes containing examples of tight and loose fit to Korean and English adults. The Korean adults looked longer at the example scenes compared to English adults. After that they were shown tight fit on one screen and loose fit on another and were asked to distinguish between them. The Korean adults were quick to identify between the tight fit and lose fit, whereas, the English adults were unable to distinguish between the tight fit and the lose fit, and they took relatively longer time than the Korean adults. Further, when these speakers were given several example of tight fight and one example of lose fight (or vice versa). The Korean adults could easily pick out the odd ones, but the English adults could not. This study concluded that the distinctions of settings reinforced by the particular languages r emained central in the representation of their spatial settings. Time Languages are also different from one another because of the difference in the descriptions of time. In English language, the conception of time is represented in horizontal terms. For example, students may ask the teacher to move the test forward, or the teacher may push the test back for the students. Similarly, the speakers of Mandarin language also use terms qian (front) and hou (back) to represent time in horizontal terms. However, the speakers of Mandarin also uses vertical terms such as shang (up) and xia (down) to describe time which in English signifies last and next respecitively. The use of the vertical terms of time in Mandarin is more common in than the horizontal terms of time. In a study conducted by Borodistsky (2001), it was found that the Mandarin speakers think about time vertically even when they are thinking for English. The Mandarin speakers were quick to answer questions such as March comes before April when they were shown objects in a vertical order before questioning compared to the English speakers. Similarly, the English speakers gave quick response to this answer when they were showed objects arranged in a horizontal order before the question were asked from them for the study, compared to the Mandarin speakers. The researcher in another attempt gave English and Hebrew speaking adults sets of pictures that showed some kind of temporal progression such as, pictures of a man aging, or a plant growing, or an apple being eaten. (Boroditsky: 2002) They were asked to arrange the shuffled photos on the ground to show the correct temporal order. They were tested in two separate sittings, each time facing a different direction. The English speakers arranged the cards in a way that time progresses from left to right. The Hebrew speakers arranged the cards in a way that time progresses from right to left, showing that the direction of writing plays a role in the progression of time. Objects Language also differs in the way the names of the objects are arranged into grammatical categories. Unlike English, many languages assign gender to all the nouns. A recent set of studies suggested that grammatical gender given to objects by the language influence the mental representation of these objects by the people (Boroditsky and Schmitt: 2003). The researcher gave pictures of people (male and female) and also pictures of objects (having opposite genders in German and Spanish) to two groups of German and Spanish speakers. They were asked to rate similarities between the pictures of objects and pictures of people. Both groups rated grammatically feminine objects to be more similar to females and grammatically masculine objects more similar to males as described by their languages. This test was a complete nonlinguistic test. In Spanish, the word for key is feminine, while the German word for key is masculine. The Spanish and German speakers were asked to provide descriptive adjectives for different objects. German speakers described keys as hard, heavy, jagged, metal, and useful, while Spanish speakers described them as golden, intricate, little, lovely, and shiny. For the word bridge, which is feminine in German and masculine in Spanish, the opposite happened. Germans described bridges as beautiful, elegant, fragile, and peaceful, while Spanish speakers said they were big, dangerous, long, and strong. CONCLUSION Languages appear to influence many aspects of human cognition: evidence regarding space, time, objects, has been reviewed in this assignment. Further studies have also found effects of language on peoples understanding of numbers, colors, and shapes, events, and other minds. Considering the many ways in which languages differ, the findings reviewed here suggest that the mental lives of people who speak different languages may differ much more than previously thought Beyond showing that speakers of different languages think differently, these results suggest that linguistic processes are pervasive in most fundamental domains of thought.

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Open Mine Eyes :: English Literature Essays

Open Mine Eyes 'Open my eyes and allow me to behold the wealth of each curtained acre. Allow me to stand amidst the true complexity of land and hold me hostage beyond the hand of illustrations. As any mind may have it, such beauty is held too deep, so far away no ordinary soul could see. I ask you to bring forth the beauty of such things. Describe to me, young man, the definition of America . . .' Close your eyes and open your mind. Feel that slightly chilled breeze upon your cheeks, barely rustling through your golden hair. Reach out now and grasp the unknown, hold within your hand the temperament of unrestricted air. Now breathe deeply, and allow yourself to inhale that refreshing sweetness. Only you know that its the cause of the shallow whispering of the world around you. Now, in your mind, open your eyes and look beyond that reach. As far as your eyes can see, lays an open field of amber grain. Acres and acres of an un-chartered beauty. Though, what makes such emptiness beautiful? Behold, the white and scattered clouds, now accented by the blue sky and illuminated by the rays of purple, yellow or pink brilliance from the rising sun beyond the horizon. I witness the world grow smaller. I see, in the distance, the annually alternating colors extending from green and yellow, to orange and brown. A painted portrait of freckled or dimpled ground lies towards the horizon. Look above, a great royalty in heavens plains extending his prided wings over the appreciated air. The eagle watches carefully over his kingdom. Though it may not seem much, he prides himself with the restless content of the waving grain. The mild whispering of the wheat battling each other for unity and for serenity, for direction and for time. Though through this complexity, he watches his kingdom dance. You, alone, stand in his shallow pond of grain. When the wind picks up it creates waves of confusion. The careful breeze pushes them one way, and in restraint they push back. Though when the wind s lets up they have strained so much, when they are released, they lurch into the other direction, creating an elegant swaying motion. The individual composition of form, and with the subtle motions they mold a dance of serenity. You must understand, in order to visualize such beauty, a person must be willing to look further than the word America.

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Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story Chapter 30~31

Chapter 30 Cops and Corpses â€Å"This guy is pissing me off,† Cavuto said, expelling a blue cloud of cigar smoke against the file drawers of the dead. â€Å"I hate this fucking guy.† He was standing over the body of Gilbert Bendetti, who had a thermometer sticking out of the side of his abdomen. â€Å"Inspector, there's no smoking allowed in here,† said a uniformed officer who had been called to the scene. Cavuto waved to the drawers. â€Å"Do you think they mind?† The officer shook his head. â€Å"No, sir.† Cavuto blew a stream of smoke at Gilbert. â€Å"And him, do you think he minds?† â€Å"No, sir.† â€Å"And you, Patrolman Jeeter, you don't mind, do you?† Jeeter cleared his throat. â€Å"Uh†¦ no, sir.† â€Å"Well, good,† Cavuto said. â€Å"Look on the side of the car, Jeeter. It says ‘Protect and Serve, not ‘Piss and Moan.  » â€Å"Yes, sir.† Rivera came through the double doors, followed by a tall, sixtyish man in a lab coat and silver wire-frame glasses. Cavuto looked up. â€Å"Doc, this guy done, or what?† The doctor pulled a surgical mask over his face as he approached the body. He bent over Gilbert and checked the thermometer. â€Å"He's been dead about four hours. I'd put the time of death between one and one-thirty. I won't be able to tell for sure until I finish the postmortem, but offhand I'd say myocardial infarction.† â€Å"I hate this guy,† Cavuto repeated. He looked down at Jody's toe tag, which was lying on the linoleum with a chalk circle drawn around it. â€Å"Any chance this guy misplaced the redhead?† The coroner looked up. â€Å"None at all. Someone removed the body.† Rivera had his notebook out and was scribbling as the doctor talked. â€Å"Any news on the one that just came in, the cowboy? Any blood loss?† â€Å"Again, I can't say for sure, but it looks like a broken neck is the cause of death. There may have been some blood loss, but not as much as we've seen with the others. Since he was sitting up, it could just be settling.† â€Å"What about the wound on the throat?† Rivera asked. â€Å"What wound?† the coroner said. â€Å"There was no wound on the throat; I checked the body myself.† Rivera's arms fell to his sides, his pen clattered on the linoleum. â€Å"Doctor, could you check again? Nick and I both saw distinct puncture wounds on the right side of the neck.† The doctor stood up and walked to the rack of drawers and pulled one out. â€Å"Check for yourself.† Cavuto and Rivera moved to either side of the drawer. Rivera turned Simon's head to the side while inspecting his neck. He looked up at Cavuto, who shook his head and walked away. â€Å"Nick, you saw it, right?† Cavuto nodded. Rivera turned to the doctor. â€Å"I saw the wounds, Doc, I swear. I've been doing this too long to get something like that wrong.† The coroner shrugged. â€Å"When was the last time you two slept?† â€Å"Together, you mean?† said Cavuto. The coroner frowned. Rivera said, â€Å"Thanks, Doc, we've got some more work at the other crime scene. We'll be back. Let's go, Nick.† Cavuto was standing over Gilbert again. â€Å"I hate this guy, and I hate that cowboy in the drawer. Did I mention that?† Rivera tuned on his heel and started toward the doors, then stopped and looked down. There was a distinct footprint on the linoleum in brown gravy. Made by a small foot, a woman's bare foot. Rivera turned to the coroner. â€Å"Doc, you got any women working here?† â€Å"Not down here. Only in the office.† â€Å"Fuck! Nick, come on, we need to talk.† Rivera stormed through the double doors, leaving them swinging. Cavuto ambled after him. He paused at the doors and turned back to the coroner. â€Å"He's moody, Doc.† The coroner nodded. â€Å"Nothing to the press about the blood loss, if there was any. And nothing about the missing body.† â€Å"Of course not. I have no desire to advertise that my office is losing bodies,† the coroner said. Rivera was waiting in the hallway when Cavuto came through the doors. â€Å"We've got to cut the kid loose, you know that.† â€Å"We can hold him another twenty-four hours.† â€Å"He didn't do it.† â€Å"Yeah, but he knows something.† â€Å"Maybe we should let him go and follow him.† â€Å"Give me one more shot at him. Alone.† â€Å"Whatever. We've got something else to consider too. You saw those puncture marks on the cowboy's throat the same as I did, right?† Cavuto chewed his cigar and looked at the ceiling. â€Å"Well?† Cavuto nodded. â€Å"Then maybe the others had wounds too. Maybe they had wounds that went away. And did you see the footprint?† â€Å"I saw it.† â€Å"Nick, do you believe in vampires?† Cavuto turned and walked down the hall. â€Å"I need a stiff one.† â€Å"You mean a drink?† Cavuto glared over his shoulder and growled. Rivera grinned. â€Å"I owed you that one.† Tommy guessed the temperature in the cell to be about sixty-five, but even so, his cellmate, the six-foot-five, two-hundred-fifty-pound, unshaven, unbathed, one-eyed psychopath with the Disney-character tattoos, was dripping with sweat. Maybe, Tommy thought, as he cowered in the corner behind the toilet, it's warmer up there on the bunk. Or maybe it's hard work trying to stare at someone menacingly, without blinking, for six hours when you only have one eye. â€Å"I hate you,† said One-Eye. â€Å"Sorry,† said Tommy. One-Eye stood up and flexed his biceps; Micky and Goofy bulged angrily. â€Å"Are you making fun of me?† Tommy didn't want to say anything, so he shook his head violently, trying to make sure that nothing remotely resembling a smile crossed his face. One-Eye sat down on the bunk and resumed menacing. â€Å"What are you in for?† â€Å"Nothing,† Tommy said. â€Å"I didn't do anything.† â€Å"Don't fuck with me, ass-wipe. What were you arrested for?† Tommy fidgeted, trying to work his way into the cinder-block wall. â€Å"Well, I put my girlfriend in the freezer, but I don't think that's a crime.† One-Eye, for the first time since he'd been put in the cell, smiled. â€Å"Me either. You didn't use an assault weapon, did you?† â€Å"Nope, a Sears frost-free.† â€Å"Oh, good; they're really tough on crimes with assault weapons.† â€Å"So,† Tommy said, venturing an inch out of the corner, â€Å"what are you in for?† Thinking baby-stomping, thinking cannibalism, thinking fast-food massacre. One-Eye hung his head. â€Å"Copyright infringement.† â€Å"You're kidding?† One-Eye frowned. Tommy slid back into his corner, adding, â€Å"Really? That's bad.† One-Eye pulled off his ratty T-shirt. The Seven Dwarfs danced across his massive chest between knife and bullet scars. On his stomach, Snow White and Cinderella were locked in a frothy embrace of mutual muffin munching. â€Å"Yeah, I made the mistake of walking around without a shirt. A Disney executive who was up here on vacation saw me down by the wharf. He called their legal pit bulls.† Tommy shook his head in sympathy. â€Å"I didn't know they put you in jail for copyright infringement.† â€Å"Well, they don't, really. It was when I ripped the guy's shoulders out of their sockets that the police got involved.† â€Å"That's not a crime either, is it?† One-Eye rubbed his temples as if it was excruciating to remember. â€Å"It was in front of his kids.† â€Å"Oh,† Tommy said. â€Å"Flood, on your feet,† a guard said from the cell door. Inspector Nick Cavuto stood behind him. â€Å"C'mon, cutie,† Cavuto said. â€Å"We're going for a last walk.† The blood-high wasn't racing through her with flush and fever as it always had before. No, it was more like the satisfying fullness of a lasagna dinner chased with double espressos. Still, the strength sang in her limbs; she ripped the loft-door dead bolts through the metal doorjamb as easily as she had torn the plastic crime-scene tape the police had put across the door. Strange, she thought, there is a difference in drinking from a living body. Her remorse over killing Simon had passed in seconds and the predator mind had taken over. A new aspect of the predator had reared up this time, not just the instinct to hide and hunt, but to protect. If Tommy was in jail for putting her in the freezer, it meant that the police had also found Peary, and they would try to connect Tommy to the other murders. But if they found another victim while Tommy was behind bars, they would have to set him free. And she needed him to be free, first so that she could find out why he had frozen her, but more important, because it was time to turn the tables on the other vampire, and the only safe way to hunt him was to do it during daylight. She had bit Simon's neck and used the heel of her hand to pump his heart as she drank. There was no guilt or self-consciousness in the act; the predator mind had taken over. She found herself thinking about the burly fireman who had come to Transamerica to teach the employees earthquake preparedness, which had included a course in CPR. What would he think of one of his students' using his technique to pump lifeblood from the murdered? â€Å"I'm sorry, Fireman Frank, I sucked like an Electrolux, but it just wasn't enough. If it's any consolation, I didn't enjoy it.† What little strength she had gained from Simon's blood seemed to evaporate as she walked into the loft. It was in worse shape than the day the Animals had come for breakfast. The futon was bundled against the wall; the books had been taken out of their shelves and spread out on the floor; the cabinets hung open, their contents tumbled across the counters; and a fine patina of fingerprint powder covered every surface. She wanted to cry. It reminded her of the time she had lived with a heavy-metal bass player for two months, who had torn their apartment apart looking for money for drugs. Money? She ran to the bedroom and to the dresser where she had stashed the remaining cash the old vampire had given her. It was gone. She threw open the drawer where she kept her lingerie. She'd kept a couple thousand rolled up in a bra, a holdover habit from the days of hiding cash from the bass player. It was there. She had enough for a month's rent, but then what? It wouldn't matter if Tommy didn't stop the other vampire. He was going to kill them both, she was sure of it, and he was going to do it soon. As she weighed the rolls of bills in her hand, she heard someone open the stairwell door, then footfalls on the steps. She went to the kitchen and waited, crouched behind the counter. Someone was in the loft. A man. She could hear his heart – smell sweat and stale deodorant coming off him. Tommy's deodorant. She stood up. â€Å"Hi,† Tommy said. â€Å"Boy, am I glad to see you.† Chapter 31 He Was an Ex-Con, She Was Defrosted†¦ She started to lean over the counter to give him a hug, then stopped herself. â€Å"You look awful,† she said. He was unshaven, his hair stuck out in greasy tufts, and his clothes looked as if he'd slept in them. He hadn't. He hadn't slept at all. â€Å"Thanks,† he said. â€Å"You look a little tattered yourself.† She raised her hand to her hair, felt a tangle, and let it drop. â€Å"And I thought my red hair went so well with freezer burn.† â€Å"I can explain that.† She came around the counter and stood before him, not knowing whether to hold him or hit him. â€Å"That's a great dress. Is it new?† â€Å"It was a great dress before the gravy and cobbler melted all over it. What happened, Tommy? Why was I frozen?† He reached out to touch her face. â€Å"How are you? I mean, are you okay?† â€Å"Good time to ask.† She glared at him. He looked in her eyes, then away. â€Å"You're very beautiful, you know that?† He crumpled to the floor and sat with his back against the counter. â€Å"I'm so sorry, Jody. I didn't want to hurt you. I was just†¦ sort of lonely.† She felt tears welling in her eyes and wiped them away. He was genuinely sorry, she could tell. And she had always been a sucker for pathetic apologies, going back as far as the time the bass player she was seeing hocked her stereo. Or had that been the construction worker? â€Å"What happened?† she pressed. He stared at the floor and shook his head. â€Å"I don't know. I wanted someone to talk about books with. Someone who thought I was special. I met a girl at work. I was just going to meet her for coffee, nothing else. But I didn't think you'd understand. So I†¦ well, you know.† Jody sat down on the floor in front of him. â€Å"Tommy, you could have killed me.† â€Å"I'm sorry!† he screamed. â€Å"I'm afraid of you. You scare the hell out of me sometimes. I didn't think it would hurt you or I wouldn't have done it. I just wanted to feel special, but you're the special one. I just wanted to talk to someone who sees things the way I do, who can understand how I feel about things. I want to take you out and show you off, even during the day. I've never really had a girlfriend before. I love you. I want to share things with you.† He looked down, would not meet her gaze. Jody took his hand and squeezed it. â€Å"I know how you feel. You don't know how well I know. And I love you too.† Finally he looked at her, then pulled her into his arms. They held each other for a long time, rocking each other like crying children. A half hour passed, ticked off with tear-salty kisses, before she said, â€Å"Do you want to share a shower? I don't want to let go of you, and it'll be dawn soon.† Warmed and cleaned by the shower, they danced, still wet, though the dark bedroom, to fall together on the bare mattress. For Tommy, being with her, in her, was like coming to a place where he was safe and loved, and those dark and hostile things that walked the world outside were washed away in the smell of her damp hair, a soft kiss on the eyelid, and mingled whispers of love and reassurance. It had never been like this for Jody. It was escape from worry and suspicion and from the predator mind that had been rising for days like a shark to blood. There was no urge to feed, but a different hunger drove her to hold him deep and long and still, to envelop and keep him there forever. Her vampire senses rose to the touch of his hands, his mouth – as if finally her sense of touch had grown to feel life itself as pleasure. Love. When they finished she held his face against her breast and listened to his breathing becoming slow as he fell asleep. Tears crept from the corners of her eyes as dawn broke, releasing her from the night's last thought: I'm loved at last, and I have to give it up. Tommy was still sleeping at sundown. She kissed him gently on the forehead, then nipped his ear to wake him. He opened his eyes and smiled. She could see it in the dark; it was a genuine smile. â€Å"Hey,† he said. She snuggled against him. â€Å"We've got to get up. There's things to do.† â€Å"You're cold. Are you cold?† â€Å"I'm never cold.† She rolled out of bed and went to the light switch. â€Å"Eyes,† she warned as she flipped on the light. Tommy shielded his eyes. â€Å"For the love of God, Montressor!† â€Å"Poe?† she said. â€Å"Right?† â€Å"Yep.† â€Å"See? I can talk books.† Tommy sat up. â€Å"I'm sorry. I didn't give you a chance. I guess we were always talking about – about your condition.† She smiled and snatched a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt from the pile of clothes on the floor. â€Å"I talked to the other vampire the other night. That's why I left the note.† Tommy was wide awake now. â€Å"You talked to him? Where?† â€Å"In a club. I was mad at you. I wanted to go out. Show off.† â€Å"What did he say?† â€Å"He said it's almost over. Tommy, I think he's going to try and kill you, maybe both of us.† â€Å"Well, that sucks.† â€Å"And you've got to stop him.† â€Å"Me? Why me? You're the one with X-ray vision and stuff.† â€Å"He's too strong. I get the feeling he's really old. He's clever. I think that the longer that you're a vampire, the more you can do. I'm starting to feel†¦ well, sharper as time goes on.† â€Å"He's too strong for you, but you want me stop him? How?† â€Å"You'll have to get to him while he's sleeping.† â€Å"Kill him? Just like that? Even if I could find him, how would I kill him? Nothing hurts you guys – unless you have some kryptonite.† â€Å"You could drag him into the sunlight. Or cut his head off – I'm sure that would do it. Or you could totally dismember him and scatter the pieces.† Jody had to look away from him when she said this. It was as if someone else was talking. â€Å"Right,† Tommy said, â€Å"just shovel him into a garbage bag and get on the forty-two bus. Leave a piece at every stop. Are you nuts? I can't kill anyone, Jody. I'm not built that way.† â€Å"Well, I can't do it.† â€Å"Why don't we just go to Indiana? You'll like it there. I can get a union job and make my mom happy. You can learn to bowl. It'll be great – no dead guys in the freezer, no vampires†¦ â€Å"By the way, how'd you†¦ I mean, where did you thaw out?† â€Å"In the morgue. With a pervert all ready to live out his wet dreams on me.† â€Å"I'll kill him!† â€Å"Not necessary.† â€Å"You killed him? Jody, you can't keep – â€Å" â€Å"I didn't kill him. He just sort of died. But there's something else.† â€Å"I can't wait.† â€Å"The vampire killed Simon.† Tommy was shaken. â€Å"How? Where?† â€Å"The same way as the others. That's why the cops let you go.† Tommy took a minute to digest this, sat for a moment looking at his hands. He looked up and said, â€Å"How did you know I was in jail?† â€Å"You told me.† â€Å"I did?† â€Å"Of course. You were so tired last night. I'm not surprised you don't remember.† She buttoned up the flannel shirt. â€Å"Tommy, you've got to find the vampire and kill him. I think Simon was his last warning before he takes us.† Tommy shook his head. â€Å"I can't believe he got Simon. Why Simon?† â€Å"Because he was close to you. Come on, I'll make you coffee.† She started into the kitchen and tripped over the brass turtle. â€Å"What's this?† â€Å"Long story,† Tommy said. Jody looked around, listened for the sound of turtle claws. â€Å"Where's Scott and Zelda?† â€Å"I set them free. Go make coffee.† Rivera and Cavuto sat in an unmarked cruiser in the alley across the street from the loft, taking turns dozing and watching. It was Rivera's turn to watch while Cavuto snored in the driver's seat. Rivera didn't like the way things were going. Weird shit just seemed to follow him. His job was to find evidence and catch bad guys, but too often, especially in this case, the evidence pointed to a bad guy who wasn't a guy at all: wasn't human. He didn't want to believe that there was a vampire loose in the City, but he did. And he knew he'd never convince Cavuto, or anybody, for that matter. Still, he'd dug out his mother's silver crucifix before he left the house. It was in his jacket pocket next to his badge wallet. He had been tempted to take it out and say a rosary, but Cavuto, despite his growling snore, was a light sleeper, and Rivera didn't want to endure the ridicule should the big cop wake up in the middle of a Hail Mary. Rivera was getting ready to wake Cavuto and catch a nap when the lights went on in the loft. â€Å"Nick,† he said. â€Å"Lights are on.† Cavuto woke, instantly alert. â€Å"What?† â€Å"Lights are on. The kid's up.† Cavuto lit his cigar. â€Å"And?† â€Å"I just thought you'd want to know.† â€Å"Look, Rivera, the lights coming on is not something happening. I know that after ten or twelve hours it seems like something, but it's not. You're losing your edge. The kid leaving, the kid strangling someone, that's something happening.† Rivera was insulted by the admonition. He'd been a cop as long as Cavuto and he didn't have to take crap like that. â€Å"Eat shit, Nick. It's my turn to sleep anyway.† Cavuto checked his watch. â€Å"Right.† They watched the windows for a while, saying nothing. Shadows moved inside the loft. Too many shadows. â€Å"There's someone else up there,† Rivera said. Cavuto squinted at the shadows and grabbed a pair of binoculars from the seat. â€Å"Looks like a girl.† Someone passed by the window. â€Å"A redhead with a lot of hair.† Tommy took a sip of his coffee and sighed. â€Å"I don't even know where to start. This is a big city and I don't know my way around that well.† â€Å"Well, we could just wait here for him to come get us.† Jody looked at his cup, watched the heat waves coming off the coffee. â€Å"God, I miss coffee.† â€Å"Can't you just wander around until you feel something? Lestat can†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Don't start with that!† â€Å"Sorry.† He took another sip. â€Å"The Animals might help. They'll want revenge for Simon. Can I tell them?† â€Å"You might as well. Those guys do just enough drugs that they might believe you. Besides, I'm sure the story was in the paper this morning.† â€Å"Yeah, I'm sure it was.† He put his cup down and looked at her. â€Å"How did you know about Simon?† Jody looked away. â€Å"I was in the morgue when they brought him in.† â€Å"You saw him?† â€Å"I heard the cops talking. I slipped out during the excitement when they found the dead pervert.† â€Å"Oh,† Tommy said, not quite sure of himself. She reached out and took his hand. â€Å"You'd better go. I'll call a cab.† â€Å"They took all the money,† Tommy said. â€Å"I have a little left.† She handed him two hundred-dollar bills. He raised his eyebrows. â€Å"A little?† Jody grinned. â€Å"Be careful. Stay around people until it gets light. Don't get out of the cab unless there are a lot of people around. I'm sure he doesn't want any witnesses.† â€Å"Okay.† â€Å"And call me if anything happens. Try to be back here by sundown tomorrow, but if you can't, call and leave me a message where you are.† â€Å"So you can protect me?† â€Å"So I can try to protect you.† â€Å"Why don't you come with me?† â€Å"Because there's two cops in the alley across the street watching the loft. I saw them from the window. I don't think we want them to see me.† â€Å"But it's dark in the alley.† â€Å"Exactly.† Tommy took her in his arms. â€Å"That is so cool. When I get back, will you read to me naked, hanging from the ceiling beam in the dark?† â€Å"Sure.† â€Å"Dirty limericks?† â€Å"Anything.† â€Å"That's so cool.† Five minutes later Tommy stood at the bottom of the stairs with the fire door cracked just enough to see when his cab arrived. When the blue-and-white DeSoto cab pulled up, he opened the fire door and a furry black-and-white comet shot past him. â€Å"Bummer! Stop!† the Emperor shouted. The little dog skipped up the steps with a yap and a rattle every step of the way; his pie-pan helmet was hanging upside down by the chin strap, hitting the edge of each step. He stopped at the top of the stairs and commenced a leaping, barking, scratching attack on the door. Tommy leaned against the wall holding his chest. He thought, Good, a heart attack will sure mess up the vampire's murder plans. â€Å"Forgive him,† the Emperor said. â€Å"He always seems to do this when we pass your domicile.† Then, to Lazarus, â€Å"Would you be so kind as to retrieve our comrade-in-arms?† The golden retriever bounded up the stairs and snatched Bummer out of the air in mid-leap, then carried him down by the scruff of the neck as the rat dog struggled and snarled. The Emperor relieved Lazarus of his squirming charge and shoved the smaller soldier into the oversized pocket of his coat. He buttoned the flap and smiled at Tommy. â€Å"Dogged enthusiasm in a handy reclosable package.† Tommy laughed, more nervous than amused. â€Å"Your Highness, what are you doing here?† â€Å"Why, I am looking for you, my son. The authorities have been asking after you in regard to the monster. The time to act is at hand.† The Emperor waved his sword wildly as he spoke. Tommy stepped back. â€Å"You're going to put someone's eye out with that thing.† The Emperor held his sword at port arms. â€Å"Oh, quite right. Safety first.† Tommy signaled to the cabdriver over the Emperor's shoulder. â€Å"Your Highness, I agree, it's time to do something. I'm on my way to get some help.† â€Å"Recruits!† the Emperor exclaimed. â€Å"Shall we join forces against evil? Call the City to arms? Drive evil back to the dark crevice from whence it came? Can the men and I share your cab?† He patted his still squirming pocket. Tommy eyed the cabdriver. â€Å"Well, I don't know.† He pulled open the rear door and leaned in. â€Å"Dogs and royalty okay?† he asked the cabbie. The driver said something in Farsi that Tommy took for a yes. â€Å"Let's go.† Tommy stepped back and motioned for the Emperor to get in. Lazarus jumped into the back seat with a rattle of armor, followed by the Emperor and Tommy. As soon as the cab had gone a block, Bummer settled down and the Emperor let him out of his pocket. â€Å"Something about your building vexes him. I don't understand it.† Tommy shrugged, thinking about how he was going to tell the Animals about Simon's death. The Emperor rolled down the window and he and his men rode through the City with their heads out the window, squinting into the wind like mobile gargoyles. Cavuto slapped Rivera on the shoulder, startling him out of sleep. â€Å"Wake up. Something's going down. A cab just pulled up and that old wacko just came around the corner with his dogs.† Rivera wiped his eyes and sat up. â€Å"What's the Emperor doing here?† â€Å"There's the kid. How in the hell did he get hold of the old wacko?† They watched as Tommy and the Emperor talked, Tommy glancing from time to time at the cabdriver. A few minutes passed and they loaded into the cab. â€Å"Here we go,† Cavuto said as he started the car. â€Å"Wait, let me out.† â€Å"What?† â€Å"I want to see where the girl goes. Who she is.† â€Å"Just go ask her.† â€Å"I'm out of here.† Rivera picked up the portable radio from the seat. â€Å"Stay in touch. I'll send for another car.† Cavuto was rocking in the driver's seat, waiting to go. â€Å"Call me on the cell phone if you see the girl. Keep it off the radio.† Rivera stopped halfway out of the car. â€Å"You think it's the girl from the morgue, don't you?† â€Å"Get out,† Cavuto said. â€Å"He's leaving.† The cab pulled away. Cavuto let them get a block away, then pulled out after them, leaving Rivera standing in the dark alley fingering the crucifix in his pocket. Four stories above him, on the roof of a light industrial building, Elijah Ben Sapir, the vampire, looked down on Rivera, noting how much heat the policeman was losing though the thinning spot in his hair. â€Å"Jump or dive?† he said to himself.

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Sample Strong Supplemental Essay for College Admissions

The supplemental essays for college admissions can be a stumbling point for applicants. Many students put significant time into their longer personal statement but then rush off the shorter supplemental section of the application. A typical result can produce a  weak supplemental essay. The strong essay below was written in response to the application to Duke Universitys Trinity College. The guidelines for the optional supplemental essay ask, If you are applying to Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, please discuss why you consider Duke a good match for you. Is there something in particular at Duke that attracts you? Please limit your response to one or two paragraphs. Example Strong Supplemental Essay The question asked here is typical of many supplemental essays. Essentially, the admissions folks want to know why their school is of particular interest to you. When I visited the Duke campus last fall, I immediately felt at home. The Gothic architecture and tree-shaded walks created an atmosphere of peaceful but serious reflection. The place is at once Southern — which, as an Alabamian, is important to me — and universal as it reflects the traditions of Europe and the classical world. The Trinity College liberal arts curriculum also reflects this unique pairing of the modern South and the global past. For example, I am considering a major in history, and am very interested in the combination of geographic and thematic areas of study offered by Duke’s history program. The combinations of areas offer seeming endless areas of specialization. One interesting possibility is a focus in the geographic area of the U.S. and Canada, combined with a thematic study of Women and Gender or African Diaspora. By juxtaposing and intertwining these two foci, my understanding of the American South — and much more — would be greatly enriched. This innovative and flexible approach to both traditional and non-traditional subject matter is greatly appealing to me. I know by reputation and from a friend currently enrolled in Trinity College that the liberal arts curriculum is very challenging, but also rewarding. I believe I am more than prepared for these challenges, and that I will thrive in this climate. Duke University’s campus already feels like home; I believe that its academic opportunities will also provide a stimulating environment in which I feel I belong. Critique of the Supplemental Essay First, think about the prompt. The admissions officers want to know if there is something in particular at Duke that makes the applicant want to go there. A bad essay never discusses features that are unique to Duke. A good essay gets specific and shows particular knowledge of the school. The sample essay succeeds on this front. Although the essay is just a paragraph long, the author presents three specific features of Duke that make her want to attend: The attractive campus with its Gothic and Southern appealThe flexible nature of the history curriculumThe fact that she has a friend at Duke This last point doesnt matter much in the admissions process, and the writer was correct to mention it only indirectly. She could have made better use of this space by mentioning something on the extracurricular front at Duke that interests her. The first point has moderate importance. Many colleges have impressive Gothic architecture, so the feature isnt unique to Duke. However, the writer connects the campus to her own Southernness. She also demonstrates that she has visited the campus, something that is not true of many applicants who haphazardly apply to a long list of prestigious schools. The second point about the history curriculum is key to this essays success. This applicant knows what lies beneath the universitys surface. She has clearly researched the curriculum. She is not applying to Duke simply because of its beauty or its reputation, but because she likes how the university approaches learning. Avoiding Supplemental Essay Mistakes In general, the author has avoided common  supplemental essay mistakes and written an effective response to the universitys prompt. Admissions officers will certainly take note of the fact that this applicant has done some research and has thoughtful reasons for wanting to attend Duke. If your supplemental essay to the question asking Why Our School? could be applied to numerous schools, you have failed to respond to the prompt effectively. This is not the place to be generic or lazy. Do your research, and articulate the unique reasons why the school is a good match for your interests, personality, and goals. Be sure to give your Why our school? essay the global replacement test: I you can replace the name of the school to which youre applying with the name of another school, its time to do some research and start over again. Write your  supplemental essay  so it is strong, specific, and targeted toward that specific college. Sample Strong Supplemental Essay for College Admissions Most college applicants fail to put adequate time into a supplemental college essay. The Common Applications personal essay allows a student to write a single essay for multiple colleges. The supplemental college essay, however, needs to be different for every application. Thus, its tempting to dash off a generic and vague piece that can be used at multiple schools, resulting in a  weak essay. Dont make this mistake. Your Why This College essay must be specific, demonstrating a high level of interest in and commitment to this particular school. To better understand how to ace this supplemental essay prompt, lets analyze a sample essay written for Oberlin College. The essay prompt reads: Given your interests, values, and goals, explain why Oberlin College will help you grow (as a student and a person) during your undergraduate years. Sample Supplemental Essay I visited 18 colleges over the past year, yet Oberlin is the one place that most spoke to my interests. Early in my college search I learned that I prefer a liberal arts college to a larger university. The collaboration between the faculty and undergraduate students, the sense of community, and the flexible, interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum are all important to me. Also, my high school experience was greatly enriched by the diversity of the student body, and I am impressed by Oberlin’s rich history and its current efforts connected to inclusiveness and equality. To say the least, I’d be proud to say I attended the first coeducational college in the country. I plan to major in Environmental Studies at Oberlin. After my campus tour, I took some extra time to visit the Adam Joseph Lewis Center. It’s an amazing space and the students I chatted with spoke highly of their professors. I became truly interested in issues of sustainability during my volunteer work in the Hudson River Valley, and everything I’ve learned about Oberlin makes it seem the ideal place for me to continue exploring and building upon those interests. I am also impressed by Oberlin’s Creativity and Leadership Project. I’ve been a bit of an entrepreneur ever since second grade when I made a dollar producing and performing The Runaway Bunny for my extended family. I’m drawn to a program that supports the move from classroom learning to creative hands-on, real-world applications. Finally, as the rest of my application clearly demonstrates, music is an important part of my life. I’ve been playing the trumpet since fourth grade, and I hope to continue performing and developing my skills throughout college. What better place than Oberlin to do so? With more performances than days in the year and a large group of talented musicians in the Conservatory of Music, Oberlin is an ideal place for exploring my love of both music and the environment. Understanding the Essay Prompt To understand the strength of the essay, we must first look at the prompt: the admissions officers at Oberlin want you to explain why Oberlin College will help you grow. This sounds straightforward, but be careful. Youre not being asked to explain how  college, in general,  will help you grow, nor are you being asked how attending a small liberal arts school will help you grow. The admissions offers want to hear how  Oberlin, in particular, will help you grow, so the essay needs to include specific information about  Oberlin College. A strong Why This College essay will make a case for why the school in question is a good fit for the student. The case should be made by connecting facts about the school—unique opportunities, educational values, campus culture, et cetera—with the students goals, values, and interests. From the Admissions Desk We want to see [in the Why This School essay] that students understand the unique educational model at High Point University. We know that students have access to more information than ever before and that most colleges focus on the classroom experience. We want students who desire 25% of their time to be experiential ... who want to grow as people of character with strong values and to fully immerse themselves in our life skills education.–Kerr RamsayVice President for Undergraduate Admissions, High Point University A good way to see if youve responded to the prompt well is to swap out the name of the college youre applying to with the name of any other college. If the essay still makes sense once you do a global replace of the school name, you havent written a good supplemental essay. A Critique of the Supplemental Essay The sample essay certainly succeeds on this front. If we were to substitute Kenyon College for Oberlin College in the essay, the essay would not make sense. The details in the essay are unique to Oberlin. Demonstrated interest can play a meaningful role in the admissions process, and this applicant has clearly demonstrated that she knows Oberlin well and her interest in the school is sincere. Lets look at some of the essays strengths: The first paragraph makes several important points. First of all, we learn that the applicant has visited Oberlin. This may not seem like a big deal, but youd be surprised how many students apply to a large number of colleges based on nothing but the schools reputations. Also, the student notes that she wants to go to a  liberal arts college, not a larger  university. This information isnt really specific to Oberlin, but it does show that she has thought about the options available to her. The final point in this first paragraph gets more specific—the applicant is familiar with Oberlin and knows the schools socially progressive history.The second paragraph is really the heart of this essay—the applicant wants to major in Environmental Studies, and she is clearly impressed with the program at Oberlin. She has visited the Environmental Studies building, and she knows of some of the unique opportunities offered at Oberlin. She has even talked with Oberlin students. Thi s paragraph cant help but make a favorable impression on the admissions folks—the applicant is drawn to Oberlin, and she clearly knows exactly  why  she likes Oberlin.The final paragraph adds another important dimension to the application. Not only does the student find the Environmental Studies program attractive, but her love of music makes Oberlin an even better match. Oberlin has a top-rated music conservatory, so the applicants dual love of music and Environmental Studies makes Oberlin a natural match for her. Admissions officers cant help but feel that Oberlin is a great match for this applicant. She knows the school well, and her interests and goals line up perfectly with Oberlins strengths. This short essay will certainly be a positive piece of her application. A Final Word About Supplemental Essays The content of your supplemental essay is extremely important, and poor decisions on this front can lead to a weak supplemental essay. But content isnt everything. You also need to focus on the presentation of your ideas. Make sure your essay is entirely free of any grammatical errors, and be sure to avoid common stylistic problems. The admissions officers need to conclude that you are sincerely interested in attending their school and that you are an excellent writer.

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The Right to Die with Dignity Physician Assisted Suicide...

Physician assisted suicide should be a choice of the patient in Florida. There has long been a debate on Physician assisted suicide in the state of Florida, and in many other US states. The government has the burden on whether to pass an initiative on allowing physician assisted suicide. The Right to die initiative is decided on a state by state basis. Physician-assisted suicide is defined as a physician providing either equipment or medication, or to inform the patient of the most available means, for the purpose of assisting the patient to end his or her own life. The people’s opinion support PAS according to a poll given in 1998. The majority 33% of people agreed that Physician assisted suicide should be made legal in a variety†¦show more content†¦A good example is the case of Lester W. Angell of Orlando, Fla. He had been suffering from prostate cancer for seven years when he shot himself in the head. Mr. Angell saw no other way to end his pain. If PAS had been legal in Florida, he may have had a much more peaceful death. â€Å"Many people with terminal illness face the same dilemma. It is not a choice between life and death. It is a choice between a slow, agonizing death and a quick, merciful one.†(Angell) There are arguments for both sides of the issue. There is fear that the terminally ill would be taken advantage of. If it is closely regulated this should never be an issue. If the state of Florida passes the initiative for Physician-assisted suicide, tremendous pain and suffering could be avoided in many cases. A patient, who has long been denied a death with dignity, would finally have recourse of action to end his or her painful life. Nurses and doctors are certainly more qualified to recommend a painless procedure, than the patient is themselves. If agreed upon by the patient, vital organs could be harvested and used for others before a disease like cancer ravishes them through time. Not only would the patient’s suffering end, but the tortured families of such patients would finally be given the chance for closure and begin to move ahead with their own lives once again. (Messerli) In November 2008, Washington State voted to approve an initiative modeled after Oregons Death with Dignity law.Show MoreRelatedEuthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide1629 Words   |  7 Pagespainful? How will our death affect the ones we love? It would seem that most people would desire to die with dignity. Having the choice to die peacefully is a valuable option that every human should be able to make for themselves. For those with terminal illnesses or major health problems, assisted suicide creates options to reduce the amount of suffering the patient must enduring. Dying with dignity could be beneficial for not only the person who is dying, but also the person’s family and loved onesRead MoreThe Debate Of Assisted Suicide1747 Words   |  7 Pages The topic of assisted suicide is very controversial and is heavily debated upon all around the world. While physician assisted suicide is only legal in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and a few states in the U.S., it is illega lly practiced widely by physicians and nurses, such as Dr. Jack Kevorkian. I first heard of physician assisted suicide when the death of Dr. Kevorkian, an assisted suicide advocate and a suicide aid, was on the news in 2011. Kevorkian assisted in the suicide of many patientsRead MoreThe Ethics Of Physician Assisted Suicide926 Words   |  4 Pagesethics of physician assisted suicide since the late 18th century. According to medicinenet the definition of physician assisted suicide is â€Å"the voluntary termination of one s own life by administrating a lethal substance with the direct assistance of a physician.† This would typically come into play if/when a critically ill patient wants to end their suffering. Confirming with the State-by-State Guide to Physician-Assisted Suicide, 5 states have Paquin 2 Legalized physician assisted suicide. CaliforniaRead MoreThe Death Of Physician Assisted Suicide1731 Words   |  7 PagesDie With Dignity It is obvious this is a very controversial issue that is discussed daily by those who wish to die to avoid loss of dignity and also by those who think it could be immoral. For physician-assisted suicide to even be considered the patient must be of sound mind when they are requesting the physician-assisted suicide. To guarantee that the process is carried out correctly a doctor or a witness should be there to prove consciousness. The patient must be diagnosed with a terminal illnessRead MoreThe United States Of America1536 Words   |  7 PagesConstitution has limitations on the government to protect the fundamental rights of it citizens. (The Constitution) These Fundamental rights can be found in the Bill of Rights, with ten amendments that provide United States citizens with freedom of speech, religion, while protecting them from unreasonable search and seizure and assuring rights of speedy trial by a jury of one’s peers. (The Constitution) When a constitutional right has b een violated by a law, United States citizens can bring such matterRead MoreThe Rights Of Assisted Suicide Essay1584 Words   |  7 PagesThe Right To Die With Dignity Assisted suicide is the act of committing suicide with the help of another person or doctor, most commonly referred to as Physician Assisted Suicide. It is currently legal in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Montana, California, and Colorado. Considering the increase of people dying from terminal illnesses, assisted suicide should be legalized across the nation. People that suffer from a terminal illness that can’t be cured or treated and will result in death have the rightRead MoreShould Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legal?761 Words   |  4 Pages We Should be in Favor of Physician-assisted Suicide In a momentous decision released February 6, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Physician-assisted suicide will be legal in Canada within 12 months. This deci-sion has caused a myriad of controversy. Opponents of physician-assisted suicide argue that the constitution recognizes the sanctity of life and no one has the right to end the life of another person’s. Supporters, on the other hand, argue that patients who experience constantRead MoreThe Legalization Of Physician Assisted Suicide1720 Words   |  7 PagesIt is obvious discussing physician-assisted suicide is a very controversial issue that is discussed daily by those who wish to die to avoid loss of dignity and also by those who think it is unethical. For physician-assisted suicide to even be considered, the patient must be of sound mind when they are requesting death with dignity. Physician-assisted suicide should be a legal option for people who are unable to end their own lives. However, there shoul d be safeguards to prevent any sort of abuseRead MoreThe Choice Of Physician Assisted Suicide1441 Words   |  6 PagesAcceptance of Physician-Assisted Suicide Imagine sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to hear the results of a recent test that was done. The doctor comes into the room and breaks the news that you have a debilitating illness that will continue to progress quickly, eventually leaving you in a vegetative state. Knowing that there is no cure, and not many options for treatment, what would be the next step to consider? If you had the option to die, would you take it? Physician-assisted suicide remainsRead MoreThe Death Of Assisted Suicide1394 Words   |  6 Pages2015 Choosing Death Did you know that more than 300 terminally ill people a year commit suicide in England, a country that prohibits physician assisted suicide? Physician assisted death is committed with the aid of another person, usually with lethal injections like fluids through IVs or shots, to help end suffering in those whose pain and/or diseases cannot be healed. By making physician assisted suicide legal, we can reduce the pain of those individuals who suffer in some circumstances. In